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Devacon at BlackBerry Security Summit in London

The issue of cybersecurity has recently become a 'buzzword' in many industries - but the security gaps in companies are often serious and cause high costs every year. This issue and better corporate protection is the topic of the BlackBerry Security Summit held in London on October 24 and 25, where more than 400 participants are discussing the era of digital transformation.


Supporting photo integration in ProDictate Mobile

ProDictate Mobile’s updated mobile dictation function allows users to simultaneously snap photos along with the recording of their dictations. This new feature connects the two separate forms of documentation and makes integrating visual materials into dictations effortless. As user photographs are directly anchored in the dictation, they are easily placed into their correct locations as the document is being written.


Integrating ProDictate into new Stratodesk firmware

Devacon and Stratodesk have joined forces! Devacon’s VC solution has now been integrated into Stratodesk’s new OS firmware, enabling dictation devices and foot switches to be used in a Citrix XenApp solution. Users simply have to select the appropriate ProDictate driver in their Stratodesk settings and they can then immediately control the VC solution via the dictation device, footswitch and headphones. The result is improved user experience, as well as higher quality recording and playback audio.


Improving the ProDictate Online Experience

Our introduction of new features to ProDictate Online has made the dictation solution even more intuitive and user-friendly. As well as a newly designed status bar that displays connection and software statuses, start symbols now make it seamless to directly carry out important functions. Microsoft Word can also be anchored in a background text document as the user continues working on their PC.


OpenThinClient Now Supported by Devacon's ProDictate.

The popular VC solution ProDictate from Devacon now offers support for the open source operating system OpenThinClient. ProDictate is a digital dictation solution that provides superior transmission of audio, supports the use of foot switches in remote desktop environments as well as connected dictation devices and vastly reduces the overall effects of bandwidth fluctuations. IT departments are relived by the presence of ProDictate which can easily be integrated into an existing infrastructure with little set up and overhead. This makes the remote desktop solution an improvement over Citrix XenApp and similar solutions.


Devacon in Berlin at conhIT 2017

Devacon will be at conhIT 2017 presenting the new version of its dictation solution software ProDictate. New features include abilities to integrate external write forces without the need of further integration efforts and making available incoming dictations as direct text. Other improvements include a leap forward in the ability to recognize speech on the PC, in a Windows Terminal or in a Citrix XenApp environment. conhIT 2017 - Connecting Healthcare IT will held from 25 - 27 April, in Berlin.


ProDictate speech recognition now a background affair

ProDictate’s new module now makes automatic voice recognition and dictation software operate in the background, increasing user efficiency and making the transcribed texts available to the user. Organisation of the dictations is completed via a central pool, which can be filtered according to multiple factors. Moreover, ProDictate Mobile can then coordinate the dictation, sending it either to the dictating or writing party.


Devacon auf BlackBerry Developer Summit in New York

The BlackBerry Developer Summit was held on November 17th, 2016, in New York and Devacon was one of many innovative companies attending with the aim of increasing the role of mobile solutions in business processes. ProDictate Mobile leads the exploitation of this technology with increasing reliability in the face of security challenges. Indeed, ProDicate Mobile is integrated into Good Dynamics and aids companies’ employees to securely handle mobile dictations.


ProDictate Online’s Speech Recognition Activated at Users’ Cursors

ProDictate Online’s server-based speech recognition software enables users to exploit the latest speech recognition technologies on thin clients running XenApp or WTS. Indeed, even the integration of speech recognition software can be completed at little cost and with little expertise. Moreover, the software can be used at the cursor without needing to install or adapt other applications.


Citrix XenApp 7.9 now with ProDictate 2.0 Support

The newly released 2.0 version of ProDictate now fully supports XenApp 7.9 Citrix. XenApp 7.9 Citrix itself is a Terminal Server solution aimed at increasing user comfort, heightening security, and making management capabilities more responsive. Additionally, ProDictate 2.0 also supports Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication services, which enable users to effortlessly log in to multiple virtual and local applications via a single command. Corporate networks are made more secure this way and the work for IT departments is reduced.