Refreshing Cybersecurity: Discover Our Ice-Cool Information Booth at DMEA

Join us at DMEA for a unique fusion of cybersecurity knowledge and ice cream delight! At Booth D101 in Hall 3.2, experience an invigorating trade show with our expert team. Dive into the latest trends in health sector security, have your queries answered, and enjoy a complimentary cybersecurity health check. Amidst all this, take a sweet break with our delightful ice cream.


Devacon at DMEA 2023

From April 25-27, 2023, DMEA, Europe's largest and most influential healthcare IT trade show, will take place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. We look forward to welcoming you on our innovative journey through the world of digitalization in healthcare.


Devacon at DMEA 2022

Devacon GmbH was an exhibitor at DMEA 2022, Europe's leading trade fair for health IT. This includes, first and foremost, dictation solutions - software that makes it possible to enter terms into the app by voice or cursor. These are translated into the written word and can be easily processed. Top products available on the market in 2022 include ProDictate Online and Mobile, and eMODAT.


Devacon presents innovative forms solution eModat in Portugal for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is one of the central megatrends of today and an important factor for the competitiveness of companies. Against this background, the business trip to Portugal in April 2022 on the topic of "Industry 4.0 incl. innovative automation technologies" aroused great interest among many companies. Devacon was also represented at this event and presented its mobile forms solution eModat. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the business trip and Devacon's innovative solutions.


Devacon team exhibits at the leading Property Congress

For many years, Devacon has been one of the leading developers of data acquisition software and digital protocols that have played a significant role in the digitisation of many property management processes. At the beginning of September, the Devacon team will attend one of the largest trade fairs in Germany, the 28th German Administrator's Day. As an exhibitor, Devacon will present its state-of-the-art systems and offer proposals with regard to future digital transformation.


Ready for Change? Digital Transformation Today

Digital transformation continues to gain momentum, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic driving change in many aspects of business operations. Many companies now make use of mobile apps and online booking systems, for instance, that never did before the crisis. At the World Class Digital Transformation Conference, many of the participants focused on such changes. Held in July 2020, the summit helped to identify what ongoing digitalisation may bring.


MODAT Showcased at Business Trip to Ireland for Health-Tech and Medical Equipment Industry

In December 2019, Devacon participated in a business delegation trip to Ireland from the healthcare, medical technology, and hospital equipment sector, where they presented their solution eMODAT. This trip was aimed at promoting business relations and collaborations between companies from both countries in the healthcare industry. Devacon's eMODAT solution for digitizing and optimizing processes in the healthcare sector was well-received by the Irish counterparts.


Devacon presents mobile apartment acceptance protocol at the 17th BBA Tenancy Law Day

On November 25, 2019, Devacon participated in the 17th edition of the BBA Tenancy Law Day, an annual fair for tenancy law and real estate. The fair is one of the most important events in the industry and provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their innovative solutions and products. Devacon took the opportunity to present its latest product, the mobile apartment inspection protocol.