Better dictation: mobile dictation with MobileIron program

The eMODAT and ProDictate programs allow you to simplify the work process over long distances. The software quickly recognizes the spoken word. This turns the smartphone into a dictation app that simplifies the mobile workflow. eMODAT, in turn, helps feed the information into forms. This can be linked to a server and communication methods to make processing with employees easier.


Going paperless: World Paper Free Day 2020

World Paper Free Day is officially set for November 6. This campaign draws attention to the problem of paper waste and aims at creating awareness of the situation and inspiring businesses to reduce their consumption by imagining a paper-free future.


A True Mobile Form Solution For Letting Agents?

Housing forms of all kinds are often downloaded in a template form and then filled in by hand. Where they are adapted at all, such tenancy agreements and inventory forms tend to be held in a very similar paper format. Even altered ones can breach copyright laws and contain irrelevant sections which lead to needless work. How can mobile form technology help both landlords and letting agents?


Android Functionality Is Now Available With eMODAT

The perfect solution for both mobile forms and checklists, eMODAT is now available to download onto devices running the Android operating system. Anyone can now use it to build forms for mobile users no matter what operating system they happen to have. Head to the Google Play Store in order to download the Android version of this superb utility app.


Greater Efficiency Than Ever Before With eMODAT

As a fully mobile business solution, eMODAT helps organisations to digitise their work, making many processes more efficient. Its intuitive user interface affords staff outside of the office access to tailored forms, for example. Even when connectivity is limited, these can be managed centrally with supplementary data coming from your own server. Why not send us a form so we can digitise it for you? 


Integrated Mobile Speech Recognition – The Pitfalls

Both iPhones and Android smartphones have voice recognition built into their operating systems and it is fair to say that many individuals, businesses and public sector organisations take advantage of them. The speech recognition software in your smart device is useful and often time-saving, but a well-run IT system in any organisation needs to understand just what the potential downsides are to using such technology, too. 


How Mobile Workflow Benefits the Construction Sector

With mobile workflow solutions, such as eMODAT, the efficiency of the construction industry can be greatly improved. Get rid of conventional, paper-based forms. Instead, mobile digital forms enable much faster collection of information from site, such as construction surveys. Information can be accessed from a central database using a mobile app and then read, amended or updated depending on the most appropriate course of action.


Bespoke Workaround For MicroStrategy Client Developed

Devacon has put together a unique solution to the problem of using the MicroStrategy client in BlackBerry Dynamics where there is a lack of support. We have designed a workaround to connect to BlackBerry's UEM. In doing so, the URL of the server is hard-coded using a Preferences.xml on the MS server. This is fully integrated during the compilation of the client. 


Discover the New Features of ProDictate Mobile

With a centralised mobile device management (MDM) system, ProDictate Mobile allows for complete ease of use wherever you happen to need dictation software. There are a number of new features that users of both iOS and Android devices should be aware of that makes using ProDictate Mobile even easier. For example, it is now possible to remove features that are not needed or to temporarily disable them so that various security standards can be met. Offering IT departments a great deal of flexibility in terms of deployment, the software can be integrated without fuss into your existing set up.


Mobile Workflow Solutions - Exciting New Features

Offline functionality is at the heart of the updated version of eMODAT. Essentially, it allows you to fill out and edit forms in the absence of an internet connection. One of the key problems with working offline is that it can hamper your productivity, yet a lack of connectivity is all too commonplace. Thanks to the latest features offered by eMODAT, such problems are consigned to history. Data, updates and edits are all saved locally ready to be implemented when you are connected once more.