Handy Autotext Feature Added to ProDictate Online

The latest version of ProDictate Online provides a useful automatic text function. It can create, save and modify frequently spoken passages of text into handy modules for later recall. This aspect of speech recognition makes writing texts on a PC, Terminal Server or in the Citrix XenApp even faster and more efficient. Intuitive Speech Recognition simplifies the process of formatting dictated text in Word, too. 


Speech recognition on the rise

During Devacon's attendance at conhIT, it became apparent that hospitals, in particular, were showing an increased interest in the benefits of digital speech recognition and form solutions. Many conference attendees were impressed with ProDictate Online's ability to overcome bottlenecks and to handle the growing amount of writing required of clinicians. Digitising forms with eMODAT was also widely seen as a way to improve hospital efficiency.


How speech recognition can help business administration

There are all sorts of jobs that require administrators to type these days. From drafting letters to drawing up customer contracts as well as tasks like updating records on a database, the amount of time administrative staff spend at their keyboard is huge – and rising all the time. Nevertheless, such functions can be improved thanks to the power of today's dictation and speech recognition solutions.


Improving the ProDictate Online Experience

Our introduction of new features to ProDictate Online has made the dictation solution even more intuitive and user-friendly. As well as a newly designed status bar that displays connection and software statuses, start symbols now make it seamless to directly carry out important functions. Microsoft Word can also be anchored in a background text document as the user continues working on their PC.


ProDictate Online’s Speech Recognition Activated at Users’ Cursors

ProDictate Online’s server-based speech recognition software enables users to exploit the latest speech recognition technologies on thin clients running XenApp or WTS. Indeed, even the integration of speech recognition software can be completed at little cost and with little expertise. Moreover, the software can be used at the cursor without needing to install or adapt other applications.


Single Sign On: Now with ProDictate Online Support

Entering your passwords and applications over and over again is now over: Single Sing On (SSO) authentication has been enabled by ProDictate Online on the XenApp and WTS Terminal Server. Users simply log in to ProDictate Online’s speech recognition software with their Windows credentials and enter/dictate any required prompts via the integrated Active Directory module to continue their speech recognition work.