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Want to learn more about us? Our up-to-date blog will keep you informed on all our products and solutions. You’ll be able to find news about updates and about our introduction of brand-new solutions. You can also read our latest trade fair presentation reports, interesting product/project management materials, and insightful information straight from our management team.


How mobile forms can save companies money

How companies can save money by digitizing forms with mobile solutions. Various potential savings that arise from the use of mobile forms are highlighted. Furthermore, the advantages that arise from the optimization of work processes and the reduction of paper costs are discussed.


Going paperless: World Paper Free Day 2020

World Paper Free Day is officially set for November 6. This campaign draws attention to the problem of paper waste and aims at creating awareness of the situation and inspiring businesses to reduce their consumption by imagining a paper-free future.


Devacon team exhibits at the leading Property Congress

For many years, Devacon has been one of the leading developers of data acquisition software and digital protocols that have played a significant role in the digitisation of many property management processes. At the beginning of September, the Devacon team will attend one of the largest trade fairs in Germany, the 28th German Administrator's Day. As an exhibitor, Devacon will present its state-of-the-art systems and offer proposals with regard to future digital transformation.


Ready for Change? Digital Transformation Today

Digital transformation continues to gain momentum, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic driving change in many aspects of business operations. Many companies now make use of mobile apps and online booking systems, for instance, that never did before the crisis. At the World Class Digital Transformation Conference, many of the participants focused on such changes. Held in July 2020, the summit helped to identify what ongoing digitalisation may bring.


MODAT Showcased at Business Trip to Ireland for Health-Tech and Medical Equipment Industry

In December 2019, Devacon participated in a business delegation trip to Ireland from the healthcare, medical technology, and hospital equipment sector, where they presented their solution eMODAT. This trip was aimed at promoting business relations and collaborations between companies from both countries in the healthcare industry. Devacon's eMODAT solution for digitizing and optimizing processes in the healthcare sector was well-received by the Irish counterparts.


Devacon presents mobile apartment acceptance protocol at the 17th BBA Tenancy Law Day

On November 25, 2019, Devacon participated in the 17th edition of the BBA Tenancy Law Day, an annual fair for tenancy law and real estate. The fair is one of the most important events in the industry and provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their innovative solutions and products. Devacon took the opportunity to present its latest product, the mobile apartment inspection protocol.


A True Mobile Form Solution For Letting Agents?

Housing forms of all kinds are often downloaded in a template form and then filled in by hand. Where they are adapted at all, such tenancy agreements and inventory forms tend to be held in a very similar paper format. Even altered ones can breach copyright laws and contain irrelevant sections which lead to needless work. How can mobile form technology help both landlords and letting agents?


Android Functionality Is Now Available With eMODAT

The perfect solution for both mobile forms and checklists, eMODAT is now available to download onto devices running the Android operating system. Anyone can now use it to build forms for mobile users no matter what operating system they happen to have. Head to the Google Play Store in order to download the Android version of this superb utility app.


Devacon at the conhIT 2019

Devacon's participation at the conhIT 2019 exhibition allowed the team to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in healthcare technology, while also gaining valuable insights and feedback from industry experts and attendees.


Devacon Participates At the Berlin ZeroUI Hackathon

The ZeroUI Hackathon featured Devacon GmbH in June. The event focussed on speech recognition in the healthcare sector this year in three important areas. Firstly, it featured a language assistant for finding information rapidly. Secondly, a tool for documenting patient visits and other administrative procedures was shown. Lastly, a virtual assistant for doctors and pharmacists, which simplifies processes like medication ordering, was presented.