Following the success of integrating ProDictate Mobile into BlackBerry Dynamics, the team at Devacon GmbH realised that the next task was to integrate the MicroStrategy client into BlackBerry Dynamics, too. A leading bank had commissioned us with the implementation of a business intelligence solution that required this. Since MicroStrategy provided just what was needed for this sort of analytics and business intelligence, such as report generators, it made for a good fit. Certainly it provided ideal online analytical processing with a client for iPhones and iPads. However, the same could not be said for BlackBerry devices.

We needed to find another way forward. This was necessary because the source code of the MicroStrategy client is only partially available and the developer could not make the necessary customisation themselves. When Good was bought by BlackBerry, the old Good Control server was replaced by a brand new BlackBerry Dynamics product. As a result, the Good SDK became a new BlackBerry SDK. The MicroStrategy client with this new SDK created problems when connection to the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (BB UEM) system was needed. 

Remote configuration should be passed when an application launches in order to make it easier to roll out the app. In BlackBerry UEM, the module App Policy Configuration was designed for such purposes. Crucially, some lines of code must be added to the source code of the app in order for this to work. In this case, however, the MicroStrategy client's source code was not fully available, so the required additional lines couldn't be inserted. Nor could the software developer do this for us. This is why a workaround of the URL of the server had to be hard-coded. On the MS server, a Preferences.xml is now generated, in which the URL and other options are deposited. As a result, when the client is compiled, the required file is consequently integrated. 

Of course, because the shift in server will regenerate and compile the URL in the app, this approach is not optimal. Nevertheless, it remains a valid way forward until the delivery of a new client with the desired policy support. Should you have questions about this workaround, the don't hesitate to get in touch. We are at your disposal.