ProDictate Online is already a powerful text dictation service with high-quality speech recognition algorithms. The recognition rate of the system is very high and a key feature is that all of the speech recognition processes take place in real time on a server. Thanks to this method of speech recognition, no processor power of the local device being used is wasted while the dictated text is almost instantly reproduced for users. Indeed, no costly integration of the software is required for it to function fully with your local IT infrastructure. 

The updated version of ProDictate Online is a professional voice recognition system that can be used in a myriad of ways. In fact, with new autotext function, users can create text modules that are made up of common phrases or passages to speed things up even more. When using the speech recognition software, a text module can be called up by a command and placed into the appropriate spot within the dictated text. This method makes the use of speech recognition even simpler. Of course, text modules can be edited at any time and adapted when needed. 

For voice recognition integration with Microsoft Word, ProDictate Online provides a plug-in that allows users to edit and format text in Word via simple voice commands. In addition to classic Word commands such as "Highlight Bold" or "Jump to End", further voice commands are available that allow a faster and more efficient text formatting procedure via ProDictate Online. Thanks to the intuitive design of the system, learning how to operate these voice commands is child's play and formatting text with speech recognition can happen almost immediately. 

ProDictate Online is suited to all sectors where process simplification and greater efficiency is desirable. In particular, it is of use in the legal and medical fields where lots of documentation is commonplace. If you have further questions about ProDictate Online or if you are looking for a tailored solution for your particular needs, then please do not hesitate to contact us.