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Experience the Revolution: AI Meets Networking in Berlin

Discover the future of networking technology on March 21, 2024, in Berlin, presented by Devacon GmbH and JUNIPER. An event that highlights innovation and efficiency through advanced AI integration in campus networks. Experience how reliability and proactive solutions pave the way for digital transformation.


Why Small Towns and Communities Can Enhance Their IT Security with Juniper and BlackBerry

Discover how small towns and communities can enhance their IT security through advanced solutions from Juniper and BlackBerry. Juniper's state-of-the-art security products offer robust protection and advanced threat detection, while BlackBerry's AI-powered endpoint security proactively detects and prevents zero-day and ransomware attacks. Facing increasing cyber threats, these technologies provide effective protection and ensure a reliable network infrastructure. With Juniper and BlackBerry, municipalities of all sizes can bolster their digital defenses and prepare for the future.


Threat from RomCom Threat Actor: Phishing campaign targets Ukraine's NATO membership talks at the NATO Summit

The BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Team has discovered a similar phishing campaign and shared this information, including IOCs (Indicators of Compromise), with relevant government agencies. In our latest blog post titled "RomCom Threat Actor: Suspected Targeting of Ukraine's NATO Membership Talks at the NATO Summit," you can find all the details about this incident.


Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Why Companies Hesitate

Discover how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the landscape of cybersecurity. Despite skepticism and fears from companies regarding this new technology, AI-driven solutions like Blackberry Cylance offer enormous benefits. Learn why understanding and trust in AI-powered security systems are essential, and how they can provide a crucial advantage in the rapidly evolving world of cyber threats. It's time to explore the unknown and embrace the benefits of AI in cybersecurity.


Devacon GmbH earns coveted Innovative Technical Champion status in Juniper Partner Advantage Champion program

We are pleased to announce that Devacon GmbH has recently been accepted into the prestigious Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) Champion Program. As a recognized Innovative Technical Champion, our company has proven that we meet and exceed Juniper Networks' high requirements and standards. In this blog post, we would like to explain more about this prestigious status and what it means for our customers and partners.


Refreshing Cybersecurity: Discover Our Ice-Cool Information Booth at DMEA

Join us at DMEA for a unique fusion of cybersecurity knowledge and ice cream delight! At Booth D101 in Hall 3.2, experience an invigorating trade show with our expert team. Dive into the latest trends in health sector security, have your queries answered, and enjoy a complimentary cybersecurity health check. Amidst all this, take a sweet break with our delightful ice cream.


BlackBerry Protect: Why it's the more effective antivirus software for mobile devices

Mobile device security is a top priority. The right choice of antivirus software can be crucial to protect the data and applications on your device from threats. BlackBerry Protect is a more effective antivirus software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, designed specifically for mobile devices. In this blog post, we will explain the reasons why BlackBerry Protect is a better solution than other antivirus software.


How Juniper Mist AI helps make networks smarter

More and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence to optimize their network performance. Juniper Mist AI provides an advanced platform based on machine learning and Big Data analytics. In this blog post, we show how organizations can benefit from Juniper Mist AI and improve their customer experience.