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Fast and effective: How to implement a mobile forms solution in a company

How can a company quickly and effectively implement a mobile forms solution. Various steps are explained, ranging from needs analysis and selecting the right solution to employee training, testing and customization, and implementation. A mobile forms solution can help increase productivity in the company and improve efficiency.


Mobile solutions vs. paper forms: How to compare costs

In this blog post, we compared the various cost factors between paper forms and mobile solutions to determine which option is the most cost-effective. We looked at direct costs such as paper and ink, labor costs, error costs, and storage and transportation costs. A mobile solution can help minimize these costs and increase efficiency.


Simple speech recognition at the cursor: this is how ProDictat Online works

ProDictate Online helps you to optimize your work processes in many areas. For example, our program is based on automatic speech recognition, where reports are immediately transferred to the text field desired and anchored by the user. These can be further processed in the program without any further detours. In doing so, one conveniently specifies at the cursor where exactly the text should end up. The extremely high recognition rate by the AI is remarkable.


The right choice of microphone for optimal speech recognition

A good microphone is important for successful speech recognition. There are several types of microphones, including USB microphones and headset microphones, that are suitable for speech recognition. The positioning of the microphone is also crucial to ensure clear voice recording. With a few simple tips, anyone can improve speech recognition and use it more effectively.


Better dictation: mobile dictation with MobileIron program

The eMODAT and ProDictate programs allow you to simplify the work process over long distances. The software quickly recognizes the spoken word. This turns the smartphone into a dictation app that simplifies the mobile workflow. eMODAT, in turn, helps feed the information into forms. This can be linked to a server and communication methods to make processing with employees easier.