With the construction sector in a healthy condition at the moment throughout Europe, businesses in the industry must continue to strive for greater competitiveness and efficient working practices are a big part of that. Unfortunately, too many construction firms continue to rely on old-fashioned paper forms on site. For example, they are still commonly used for time sheets, industrial surveys and inspection reports. Where photos are taken, these tend to be held on a smartphone and whether the images and the reports ever end up together is anybody's guess.

The solution is an integrated mobile workflow solution which marries digital form filling and photographs in a single operation. What's more, a solution like eMODAT will do away with difficult-to-read handwritten notes and the dust and grime that often accompanies paper forms which have been filled in on a building site. Rather than converting paperwork into a digital format later – with all of the manual input that approach requires – eMODAT provides a more efficient workflow that still keeps private data secure.

The majority of modern paperless solutions are cloud-based systems that store corporate information and files outside the corporate network, perhaps on servers outside of their country. Since many construction companies attach importance to high-security standards, eMODAT is the perfect choice because it uses a method whereby private data remains in-house at all times.

The eMODAT mobile workflow solution has a number of advantages. Firstly, forms can be linked directly to the company's own database. Data is displayed in a form that employees are used to. When information is recorded, construction drawings and photos can be attached. Updated forms are sent directly from the app to the company's central database and a PDF file is subsequently created with all the new information and pictures in it. This can be easily emailed to interested parties and data from the form can be processed further by others, if required.

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