Devacon GmbH earns coveted Innovative Technical Champion status in Juniper Partner Advantage Champion program

We are pleased to announce that Devacon GmbH has recently been accepted into the prestigious Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) Champion Program. As a recognized Innovative Technical Champion, our company has proven that we meet and exceed Juniper Networks' high requirements and standards. In this blog post, we would like to explain more about this prestigious status and what it means for our customers and partners.


BlackBerry Protect: Why it's the more effective antivirus software for mobile devices

Mobile device security is a top priority. The right choice of antivirus software can be crucial to protect the data and applications on your device from threats. BlackBerry Protect is a more effective antivirus software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, designed specifically for mobile devices. In this blog post, we will explain the reasons why BlackBerry Protect is a better solution than other antivirus software.


How Juniper Mist AI helps make networks smarter

More and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence to optimize their network performance. Juniper Mist AI provides an advanced platform based on machine learning and Big Data analytics. In this blog post, we show how organizations can benefit from Juniper Mist AI and improve their customer experience.


ProPlayer - The ideal playback software for dictations on Windows and terminal servers

ProPlayer is a top-quality dictation playback software that has been specifically designed for use with Windows and terminal servers. This versatile program can even be run on Citrix Virtual Apps, providing users with maximum flexibility. Ideal for businesses and organizations that require a reliable and user-friendly dictation playback solution, ProPlayer is an excellent choice.


Israeli E-Health Technology Take Up Leads the Way

Devacon GmbH, the business behind advanced mobile speech-to-text solutions, participated in a number of events in the Israeli healthcare industry. Staged in February 2018, discussions on advancements in e-health took place in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva. Among those from the Israeli healthcare industry in attendance were two of the largest insurance companies in the country, the Hadassah Medical Centre and the Ministry of Health.


Want Reliable Mobile Dictation for BlackBerry Dynamics?

ProDictate Mobile, the powerful digital dictation solution, is now listed on BlackBerry's Dynamics Marketplace. Their strict certification protocols mean that a number of important security measures have been passed. For any business which takes data security seriously, this is a big advantage. The app's settings can be managed centrally within an organisation so policy requirements can be met using BlackBerry devices for secure, private dictation.