Comprehensive Solutions: Exploiting the Latest Technical Advancements

Personalised solutions for Citrix XenApp and smartphones

As well as dictation and voice recognition solutions and client/server applications with database connections, Devacon develops mobile apps and software solutions for virtually every IT infrastructure and individually adapts them on request. Clients depend on us for specific advice and rapid implementation and optimal integration of adapted solutions into their existing IT infrastructure.
With 12+ years of experience in software design/development for digital dictation and speech recognition, Windows-based client-server applications with database connectivity, and HTML5 smartphone apps, Devacon builds solutions across platforms—from desktop PCs (via Citrix XenApp) to smartphones. Smartphone solutions, in particular, easily mobilise business processes. Exploiting latest technologies is natural for us, and it helps us provide up-to-date, comprehensive solutions.

Mobiler Workflow

Our mobile solution enables users and workers to access workflows via their existing mobile device infrastructure. eMODAT thereby automates the process of user interaction with traditional business procedures. This solution can easily mobilise virtually any workflow and it provides a highly scalable system that includes connectivity to any database.

Digital dictation

Create dictations easily and in excellent, high-quality audio. Our solutions for managing web-based digital dictations are user-friendly and rapidly implemented. ProDictate supports all major platforms and can be effortlessly tailored through its modular structure, which also includes reporting solutions and speech recognition integration.

Citrix and WTS Dictate

Thanks to ProDictate's comprehensive solution for digital speech processing and to our Virtual Channel solution, high-quality audio files can be transferred while utilizing low bandwidth. Regardless of hardware, any terminal platform can be effortlessly used with our solution when connecting to Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, and/or WTS. 

Thin Clients

A rapidly deployed and flexibly adapted solution, our thin client software for Linux and Windows 7 Embedded platforms has numerous applications. In addition to real-time data transmission, it allows management of dictation/speech recognition settings and high-quality recordings/playback. 

Virtual Channel

Our tailor-made Virtual Channel (VC) solutions, based on Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, or Windows Terminal Server (WTS) IT environment, are perfectly adapted to meet your needs. Data from clients to Citrix sessions, for example, are synchronised effortlessly. Audio files of your dictations are transferred in high-quality and in real time.

Server Virtualisation

Citrix Hypervisor is a proven and leading server virtualisation and hypervisor management platform. Our clients, large and small, instantly benefit from the seamless virtualisation of their servers, allowing them—with minimal hardware costs—to reduce expenses and increase reliability. Our years of experience guarantee smooth and fast implementation of the most suitable and up-to-date solutions.

Speech Recognition

Our server based speech and voice recognition software solution, is desgned to improve your interaction with clients. The increase in your ability to deal with client queries that this software provides results in an exceptional customer service experience. This enhanced client experience is designed to increase self-service containment rates for your business.


As our lives become more digitized, safeguarding our information and data from cyber threats has become paramount. To counter these threats, AI systems have emerged as a powerful solution, capable of detecting and responding to potential attacks faster and more efficiently than traditional security measures.

Network Security Products

Security threats to networks and data are constantly increasing in today's connected world. To combat these threats and protect their networks, businesses and organizations are turning to network security products. These products offer various features such as firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, VPN and much more to ensure a safe and secure network.