With eMODAT, workflows can be fully digitised to make all sorts of business operations more efficient. Users can test the software without cost in order to see just how powerful it can be. In fact, there are no fewer than four different Android-ready versions available from the Google Play Store, each with a different focus on pre-installed forms. Select from Apartment Handover, Construction Protocol, Checklist or Mobile Forms. Each has its own pre-configured forms that are ready to be used which adequately demonstrate the huge number of possibilities that a mobile workflow solution this powerful can afford. Try them out, design your own or adapted the current forms to your particular needs.

Just like our other versions of eMODAT for other operating systems, the Android version has the capability to have forms created by users independently on a backend system which can then be synchronised with whichever databases users prefer. When in the field, a sales representative could open a form in eMODAT with up-to-date information drawn from your client database, for example, and assign it to a customer immediately from his or her Android device. Crucially, the assignment process takes place directly on the device, which greatly speeds up the workflow - especially when compared to completing a mobile form in a PDF format, for instance.

With eMODAT, Android users can insert images or sign a document directly onto their device before sending the finished report to your head office. A copy of the report is generated in PDF format which can then be filed or emailed on, as preferred. This optimization of mobile forms in eMODAT makes it possible to rationalise lengthy form filling into a simple process, thereby saving time, effort and money. Please feel free to contact us about automated form digitisation for Android.