ProDictate and MobileIron - The Best Choice for Secure Dictation

With so many employees now using their personal mobile devices for work, it is increasingly important to protect and secure all communications to avoid anything falling into the hands of cyber criminals. MobileIron’s Core Mobile Device Management solution has long been the go-to product for this type of security, and now a partnership with ProDictate Mobile means that dictation is also a part of that excellent programme.


Mobile digital dictation with iPhone and Android

Business and utility apps are used for all sorts of functions these days by a wide range of users. However, you might not have considered downloading one that can improve your device's ability to take dictation. Read on to discover exactly why an app-based dictation service will provide more accuracy than other approaches you might take and the other user benefits you will derive.


Supporting photo integration in ProDictate Mobile

ProDictate Mobile’s updated mobile dictation function allows users to simultaneously snap photos along with the recording of their dictations. This new feature connects the two separate forms of documentation and makes integrating visual materials into dictations effortless. As user photographs are directly anchored in the dictation, they are easily placed into their correct locations as the document is being written.


Devacon auf BlackBerry Developer Summit in New York

The BlackBerry Developer Summit was held on November 17th, 2016, in New York and Devacon was one of many innovative companies attending with the aim of increasing the role of mobile solutions in business processes. ProDictate Mobile leads the exploitation of this technology with increasing reliability in the face of security challenges. Indeed, ProDicate Mobile is integrated into Good Dynamics and aids companies’ employees to securely handle mobile dictations.