ProDictate and MobileIron - The Best Choice for Secure Dictation 02/19/2018

After MobileIron’s Mobile@Work Client has been downloaded to a user’s device, the IT department of the user’s company can choose which apps are appropriate for that particular user via integration with Appconnect, and push them through to their smartphone. This is a remote capability which also allows app deletion if necessary. For Apple users needing the ProDictate Mobile app version 3.5.6, this step has been superseded and the app is now automatically included as a download when the MobileIron MDM solution is incorporated. Android users are also catered for as MobileIron Android offers a similar solution by using a wrapping technology which will then deliver the same functionality as the iOS version.

This added benefit, enabling all configurations for the settings to be carried out centrally and distributed to each user and smartphone, allows company administrators to have overall control of functions and capabilities from configuration of the URL to automatic transfer of the user names and passwords. In this way they can standardise how they and their employees use the app meaning they have even more control over its security, and all the end-user has to do is to dictate as and when they need to. All of this even happens instantaneously, which means no disruption to the service experienced by each user.

Users will also benefit from Mobile Sentry, which is a security module designed to protect all the data by way of a secure VPN connection. It is an inline gateway that seamlessly manages, encrypts, and secures traffic between each user’s mobile device and their company’s backend systems. There is no better or more reliable way to protect this dictation data from access by any third parties, and you can be completely confident in the security of all communications that pass between your employees and your IT systems when using MobileIron.

If you would like more information on this ProDictate Mobile app and how it is connected into the MobileIron family, you can find more details in the MobileIron Marketplace. Alternatively, you can always contact us if you have any further questions about mobile dictation, or you would like to learn more about ProDictate Mobile itself. We are really excited about our new partnership with ProDictate Mobile, and would be delighted to help you learn more about it.

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