Mobile digital dictation with iPhone and Android 03/06/2018

Given that most smartphones offer dictations services nowadays as a part of the operating system, users may be forgiven for wondering why they would install an app on their phone to provide the same. The simple answer to that question is that well-designed app-based mobile dictation services are superior to what comes on your phone, to begin with. This is as true for iPhone and iPad users as it is for people running Android software or who have Blackberry devices. How do modern dictation services mark themselves out from what is currently available on your phone?

Firstly, speech recognition using an app is more reliable than what you will have on your phone. If you have ever used your phone's microphone button for dictation, perhaps to make notes during a meeting or to generate an email, then you'll know that certain words and phrases tend to cause problems. Either the speech-to-text function stalls for a few seconds causing you to pause unnecessarily or it simple mishears what you have said and gives you the wrong wording. Secondly, common internet-based dictation services require you to be connected to the service's server when dictating. This impractical if you are in the field, perhaps working on site, or want to limit the amount of roaming data you use up. An app-based solution meahospns the dictation you want to carry out does not require an internet connection.

Security of data handling is another important factor. An app-based dictation service means that anything you say that might be commercially sensitive or private is held locally on your device. Using a cloud-based alternative means that important data could be compromised when it is dictated. For some business and government workers, using an app to dictate to means that their data protection policies remain adhered to. Finally, it is worth mentioning that digital dictation apps require no additional software to create text documents from what has been dictated. You can find more advantages by trying out ProDictate Mobile for yourself or contacting us with any questions.


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