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A professionally managed reporting system is the backbone of any company. The ProReport statistical tool supports you with this challenge via a web-based reporting solution that allows you to swiftly create sophisticated and presentation-ready reports. The tool provides rapid analyses and evaluations of big data from SQL databases.
By supporting more efficient data access, better distribution of information, and stronger analyses, ProReport enhances performance measurement and subsequently increases productivity—which is particularly essential for electronic reporting systems, and specifically in areas where work processes are optimised through evaluation.
Reports can be created in your browser without additional installation work and can be painlessly exported or shipped. Even regular, automated reporting via e-mail can be pre-set. Although ProReport offers 24 pre-configured standard reports immediately, we are, of course, happy to tailor further solutions to meet all of your needs.

ProReport benefits:

  • Web-based reporting solutions;
  • 24 standard reports for meaningful analyses;
  • Illustrations with coloured charts, allowing quick overviews;
  • Controlled access to user administration;
  • Regular, pre-configured reports via e-mail;
  • Export in PDF and/or Microsoft Excel format;
  • Compatible with ProDictate and Dictaphone Enterprise Express Voice (EXV)