A successful event, conhIT 2018 constituted the largest European trade for IT businesses working in the healthcare sector. Devacon exhibited its wares at this year's show, highlighting a number of new developments. ProDictate Mobile was shown as now integrating with BlackBerry Dynamics, for instance. Another splash was the use of MobileIron for greater data security, a big concern for many hospitals and healthcare institutions. In addition, Devacon showed off the redesigned and updated user interface of its eMODAT mobile workflow solution.

The show was a great opportunity for Devacon to present the latest version of its speech recognition solution, ProDictate Online. New functionality has been added and the software now achieves an even higher recognition rate than before. The system is now fully functional with Windows, Citrix XenApp or Terminal Server. Thanks to the new software architecture used, the spoken words of the user are inserted directly and no advance integration is required any longer.

During the expo, Devacon also introduced the new version of its dictation app, ProDictate Mobile. Designed for use with smartphones, this solution can be integrated with BlackBerry Dynamics and MobileIron to bring about greater data security and improved protection of from access by unwarranted parties. ConhIT 2018 also saw the presentation of the latest developments in Devacon's mobile workflow system, eMODAT. This system had seen a revised user interface in the run-up to the expo. Using the digital system, paper forms can be completely replaced, a big bonus for healthcare providers of all kinds. With the innovative data collection form solution, healthcare professionals can use smart devices, such as iPhones or tablets using the Android operating system, to keep on top of notes in a paper-free environment. Devacon demonstrated how digitally generated forms can be transferred within seconds and are readily available to see on a central database by appropriate colleagues.

All in all, conhIT 2018 was a great event for Devacon to showcase a number of its applications and to demonstrate the possibilities they offer to doctors and other healthcare professionals. Want to know more? Contact us today.