ProRecorder enables voice recording at the highest quality levels and includes many additional settings and features that are directed at the needs of both small and large companies. Supporting multiple platforms (Windows PCs, Windows Terminal Server (WTS), XenApp and XenDesktop), the software is either installed on the system or launched directly from a copied folder. It employs a central configuration concept, allowing adjustments to be made centrally, so that it is kept up-to-date when started at your workplace. This central administration reduces the strain on internal resources and is, therefore, particularly useful for large companies.

A user-friendly interface provides all standard functions (up, paste, delete, overwrite, etc.) and enables the sending of additional, separate information alongside your dictations, which can then be used for identification purposes or for automatically distributing dictations. ProRecorder also supports USB voice recorders, which can seamlessly take control of the software without needing to install more drivers.

ProRecorder benefits include:

  • Central administration;
  • Adding information to dictations;
  • Modifying audio files;
  • Altering playback speeds;
  • Supporting USB hardware for thin clients;
  • Supporting various audio codecs across platforms (PCs, XenApp, WTS).
  • Compatible Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, 2016