Ideal geeignet für Rechtsanwälte, niedergelassene Ärzte und Krankenhäuser

ProDictate Online offers the latest innovation in the field of voice recognition software. There is no requirement for expensive additional workstation hardware either because the software doesn’t need powerful equipment to operate effectively. In fact, ProDictate Online operates smoothly on PCs as well as on Windows 7- and Linux-embedded thin clients running XenApp or WTS soultions.

Our ProDictate Online application is very simple and extremely intuitive; you merely need to click a text box and begin dictating. Within seconds, your dictated text is recognised by the voice recognition software and is automatically typed at the cursor. The client uses only 7 MB, is installed on a PC, Citrix XenApp or Windows Terminal Server, and can be instantly removed without extensive operation efforts. Users are provided all the benefits of an ultra-fast dictation and speech recognition solution while avoiding the investment of large sums of capital. Our ProDictate Online software is, therefore, ideal for insurance companies, lawyers, doctors, and hospitals.


  • Real-time voice recognition
  • Specialised medical/legal vocabularies
  • No required integration with other applications
  • Heightened speech recognition rate
  • Zero resource consumption
  • Voice recognition on the server
  • Minimal investment cost
  • Easy/rapid implementation
  • Compatible Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, 2016