With a global reputation for bringing new technological developments to medical professionals, Healthcare Week in Paris is a trade fair which takes up an area of 35,000 square metres. This year, it will boast more than 850 booths where exhibitors can present new trends in IT healthcare. Among them will be Devacon GmbH, the pioneering firm that has developed smart dictation technology that is designed to work hand-in-glove with the healthcare sector.

Devacon will be demonstrating the power of its web-based, digital dictation system, ProDictate. This is a digital dictation solution that can be introduced very efficiently into a clinic or hospital environment due to its low demands on IT professionals to set up. Thanks to the system's Active Directory integration, the installation effort required is minimal. Doctors and other healthcare professionals can start using the secure dictation service for making verbal notes immediately after installation. 

ProDictate Online, Devacon's flagship online speech recognition solution, enables doctors to dictate their findings and medical notes into any text window without the need for additional integration. Furthermore, ProDictate Online has been adapted to the local market and is available for French language speakers. Bear in mind that both ProDictate and ProDictate Online can each be used on Fat and Thin Clients with Linux and on Embedded Windows under WTS. It will also work with the Citrix XenApp and, therefore, be integrated into existing IT infrastructures seamlessly. 

During Healthcare Week, Devacon will also show its eMODAT mobile form solution, a means of replacing the use of paper forms in hospitals. The updated version of eMODAT can be used on iPhones or devices running Android to create a mobile workflow that can connect to any existing database. By doing away with the need for paper, hospitals record keeping can be constantly updated in a hygienic manner. Additionally, eMODAT provides users with access to information stored on the relevant database. 

Visit us at Healthcare Week this May. We will be located at Booth R7 - Hall 7.