From April 26 to 28, 2022, DMEA, Europe's largest and most influential trade fair for health IT, took place at the exhibition center in Berlin. 

Devacon GmbH was also present with a booth at the DMEA this year. In addition to numerous existing customers and business partners, many new interested parties also visited our booth and we were able to make new contacts and agree on test settings.

Devacon has made it its business to create modern solutions for the professional sector and especially for speech processing. The classic dictation machine with cassette and cumbersome recording buttons was yesterday. Today, you always have it with you on your smartphone as an app. ProDictate Mobile transforms the cell phone into a digital dictation device with which you can easily record and process voice memos. The entered texts can then be forwarded directly to partners and employees. The ProDictate management solution or ProPlayer software, for example, is responsible for this. The dictations are played back and processed on the PC, XenAPP or terminal server. The mobile application ProDictate Mobile is suitable for classic smartphones such as Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. In addition to Windows, ProDictate also supports Linux-based ThinClients such as Igel, Stratodesk and Openthinclient.  As of late, Chrome can be used as the browser interface.

In addition to ProDictate, there are a number of other applications that can be combined well with the dictation program. Very popular is eMODAT. This is a practical form solution that significantly simplifies data entry. Information can be quickly entered and translated into a form. In this case, mobile devices such as iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android phones are also used. Of course, eMODAT can be coupled with company databases to improve operations even more.

Devacon GmbH has many years of experience in the field of server virtualization based on Citrix XenApp and has built up an important customer base in this area. Users swear by the intelligent software, which not only simplifies dictation management, but also creates a practical link between employees in the company. This makes the workflow more elegant and smoother. It doesn't matter where colleagues are - across national borders, they work together on new projects. All with the help of innovative Devacon apps such as ProDictate in the desktop and mobile versions for smartphones. Work thus becomes completely independent of the office. The voice is simply recognized via the dictation device, transferred into written sentences and fed into the system for further processing.