MobileIron is known far beyond Germany as a revolutionary provider of intelligent work solutions. Above all, it is the apps for mobile devices that are convincing. The cell phone has now become an important work device into which, for example, texts can be easily entered, forwarded and processed via mobile dictation. One of the most important applications in this context is ProDictate Mobile. It turns the phone into a dictation app. Simply enter the desired text. The speech is recognized and turned into text. Now this can be forwarded directly to employees with access to the server. This way, mobile reports are in the system immediately - workflow is faster.

Another MobileIron development for app-level management is eMODAT. This is all about feeding data into mobile forms. No more complex input is needed. Everything runs smoothly and you save a lot of time in the work process. Both apps have been extensively updated and are now based on the latest version of MobileIron Core Build 26. There are also many new features that speed up the input and administration process. Existing mobile reports can now be downloaded and even edited offline.

The apps ProDictate and eMODAT are supported by all common platforms and systems. So you can use them with any iPhones and Android phones. Away from cell phones, tablets are of course also in use. There are also desktop versions, so it's easier to pair your PC with the app. After the mobile input, one can thus continue working later on the laptop and other devices. This also quickly integrates employees and colleagues into the process. MobileIron now has a great deal of experience in the field of mobile management systems and knows exactly what is important when it comes to entering and processing data.