The DMEA in Berlin stands as a synonym for progress in digital medicine and IT security. This year, Devacon GmbH, JUNIPER, and BlackBerry are at the center of attention by introducing their latest technologies tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector.

Devacon GmbH presents ProDictate and ProDictate Mobile, innovative solutions to increase efficiency through mobile data collection and digital documentation. These tools simplify the daily routine of medical staff by reducing time-consuming writing tasks and enabling seamless integration into existing systems.

BlackBerry stands out with BlackBerry Protect, Optics, and Gateway. These cybersecurity solutions offer hospitals and medical facilities comprehensive protection against cyber threats such as zero-day and ransomware attacks. By utilizing AI-driven endpoint security, BlackBerry ensures proactive detection and prevention of cyberattacks before they can cause harm.

JUNIPER introduces a revolution for campus networks with MIST AI. This technology enables a unique user experience through efficient AI integration, improving reliability and measurability in the network infrastructure. Additionally, JUNIPER supports proactive troubleshooting and analysis in the network, which is essential for maintaining uninterrupted network performance. With "Location Based Services," innovative use cases in hospitals and medical facilities become possible, opening a new level of patient care and management.

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