The World Class Digital Transformation Conference is now in its third year. Since it began, it has brought together many people from the fields of business and technology. In July 2020, attendees met in Leipzig to discuss the latest digital trends for companies. Key questions were asked, such as what changes are currently taking place in light of the global pandemic? For two days, representatives from a wide range of industries took to the stage to share their views and experiences. Participants included Deutsche Bahn, Hilti, the Fraunhofer Institute and Siemens, among others. The summit centred on the experience of employees in IT-led organisations, data management and skills innovation.

That said, the main theme of the conference was undoubtedly digital transformation. This is one of the most important megatrends of the past decade. Step by step, real services are being shifted into the digital realm, such as the online booking of tickets for rail services. While this trend has grown at an even pace since the turn of the millennium, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed it forwards considerably. For example, many companies were forced to allow remote working practices and to switch to video conferencing. Restaurants are using online bookings and delivery services far more frequently, too. Numerous new apps have also been developed. However, it is difficult to introduce change, especially when concerning digital transformation. Many employees fear the technical complexity that comes along with it and eventually do not accept it. As it was pointed out at the conference, it is consequently of great importance that decision-makers prepare themselves for such changes and encourage their teams by providing means to understand and adapt their work accordingly.

As one of the industry representatives at the World Class Digital Transformation Conference, Devacon was able to make a fruitful contribution with its mobile app, eMODAT. The Berlin-based software developer has many years of experience in application development and has led the way in the digitisation of workflows. Offering more efficient processes and documentation for the digital age, eMODAT has provided exemplary cost savings, flexibility and transparency for the forward-thinking businesses that have, so far, adopted it. As digital transformation continues, so will its usefulness.

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