From September 13 to 17, 2021, a business initiation event was held in Brazil as part of the BMWi's market development program. The aim was to promote exchange between German and Brazilian companies and create business opportunities. German companies presented their innovative software solutions in the logistics industry and Devacon presented its eMODAT software.

Devacon is a leading provider of software solutions for mobile business processes and presented the innovative software solution eMODAT at the BMWi business initiation in Brazil. This solution enables a fast and efficient collection of data in real time and thus offers an optimization of business processes in the logistics industry.

Devacon's presentation of eMODAT was met with great interest from Brazilian logistics companies. The software offers solutions for a wide range of applications in logistics, such as inventory, delivery acceptance and quality control. By using eMODAT, companies can speed up their processes, improve data quality and increase efficiency.

Participation enabled Devacon to establish valuable contacts with potential business partners in Brazil. In addition, Devacon received valuable feedback from the Brazilian logistics companies, which will be incorporated into future developments of eMODAT.