In September, the German Association of Property Managers (VDIV) will be staging one of the most important trade congresses in the country. This time, the focus will inevitably be on digitisation and digital transformation, something that is of increasing importance in real estate and property management in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has forced many companies, including those in real estate management, to make the leap forward towards digitisation, for example, by offering more internet-based services.

To begin with, this was not easy for many in the property sector. However, those businesses that have adopted digital modes of operation have seen numerous new opportunities open up. The historic inflexibility of the real estate market has given way to a certain desire for innovation. As such, the conference will also allow for a wider discussion about how smaller enterprises can more easily implement their digital goals. Simply visit our stand to learn more about process optimisation, digital apartment handovers, digital protocols and process automation for the property sector.

One of Devacon's most important developments will transform tomorrow's approaches to digital property management. Paper-based processes will be eliminated and all the necessary documentation will be transferred into the drive or cloud. To be able to do this, property managers will make use of mobile forms instead of paper ones, which will allow data to be entered and for it then to be distributed and processed. Such digital forms are suited for apartment handover protocols, building inspections, service reports as well as for inventories.

Digitisation means that fewer errors creep in, too. Overall, the digital approach to form filling means that the working atmosphere for employees is improved and customer satisfaction rates go up. Tenants and landlords, alike, will be pleased with the more efficient processes property managers adopt. After all, what may have taken weeks in the past now only takes a few days thanks to digitisation.

During your visit to the 28th German Administrator's Day, why not visit the Devacon stand and find out more about process optimisation and digitisation? Alternatively, contact us to see how we can help to ensure your long-term survival in the market.