Juniper Networks Sky ATP is a cloud-based advanced threat detection solution designed to protect organizations of all sizes from zero-day and targeted attacks. The solution combines the strengths of Juniper's networking and security platform with the power of machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence databases to deliver a comprehensive security package.

Sky ATP offers a variety of features that help make the network more secure. These include real-time malware and threat detection, the ability to monitor network activity in real time and automatically quarantine threats, and the ability to analyze and record threats to prevent future attacks.

Sky ATP is an important addition to any security architecture that helps keep organizations safe from hackers and cyber criminals. With Sky ATP's cloud-based architecture, organizations can quickly respond to threats and deploy security updates to continuously protect their networks.

Overall, Juniper Networks Sky ATP is a powerful solution that helps organizations make their network more secure and protect against the threats that zero-day and targeted attacks can pose.

Sky ATP combines multiple protection mechanisms such as signature-based detection, behavioral analysis, and sandboxing technologies to prevent attacks at multiple levels.