The threat of spam emails has steadily increased in recent years. These emails contain not only unsolicited advertisements, but also malware, phishing links, and other threats to network security. Therefore, it is important to take antispam measures to minimize these threats.

Antispam filtering can be performed at the router before emails reach the network. This prevents unwanted emails from polluting the network and consuming valuable bandwidth. In addition, malicious emails can be blocked before they can do any damage.

Juniper SRX provides a comprehensive security platform that includes antispam filtering and other threat prevention features. The integrated antispam filter protects the network from malicious email and provides an effective way to block unwanted email. With the combined firewall, IPS, VPN and antivirus functionality, network security is further enhanced.

In addition, Juniper SRX also provides advanced features such as application-level gateway and content filtering to protect the network from additional threats. These features can also be used in combination with antispam filtering to provide comprehensive network security.

By integrating antispam filtering at the router and using Juniper SRX, enterprises can improve their network security and protect themselves from malicious email.