Digitization is everywhere. From large cities to the smallest communities, efficient administration and the lives of citizens increasingly depend on robust and secure IT systems. Recently, the rbb reported on the effects of a hacker attack on the Potsdam city administration and the alarming fact that many communities in Brandenburg are ill-prepared for such attacks.

In the face of the increasing number of cyber attacks due to the war in Ukraine and the general digital threat situation, the question arises: How can cities and municipalities make their IT network more secure?

The solution could lie in the advanced products from Juniper and BlackBerry.

The Juniper SRX series, supported by Juniper's Mist AI, offers state-of-the-art security solutions that combine network protection and advanced threat detection and response. This robust architecture provides comprehensive protection against the latest cyber threats and is therefore an ideal solution for administrations of all sizes.

At the same time, the Juniper EX series, also with Juniper's Mist AI, offers Ethernet switches that are ideal for high-density deployments in small to medium-sized businesses. They offer high flexibility and scalability to meet growing demands. With the EX series, you can ensure a robust and reliable network infrastructure while increasing efficiency and productivity.

In addition, we should not ignore endpoint security, and this is where BlackBerry Cylance comes into play. Cylance is a leading AI-powered endpoint security solution that detects and prevents zero-day and ransomware attacks before they can cause damage.

An advantage of BlackBerry Cylance is that it does not just react, but acts proactively. There is no need to wait for a signature database update to detect new threats. With its machine learning, Cylance is able to identify patterns and anomalies that indicate a possible threat and take appropriate action.

The report from rbb clearly shows that effective IT security requires more than just virus protection. It's about pursuing a holistic strategy that includes both preventive and reactive measures and uses the latest technologies.

Juniper and BlackBerry provide just that - a combination of advanced threat detection, reactive security, and proactive prevention. With these solutions, municipalities of all sizes can strengthen their IT infrastructure and protect themselves against the rising tide of cyber attacks.

It's time to focus on IT security and ensure that our administrations are armed against the digital threat. With the products from Juniper and BlackBerry, this is not only possible, but also achievable.