Thin Clients
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Our solutions for Citrix XenApp, WTS, and Linux- and Windows 7 and 10 Embedded-based thin clients are extremely beneficial. Our solution for Linux and Windows thin clients are very flexible and apply to various application scenarios. Among other real-time data synchronisations with Citrix Xenapp and WTS, they allow you to control/navigate, via digital dictation microphones, terminal session applications—thus providing excellent recording/playback quality through Virtual Channels.
Specific hardware require additional drivers that aren’t automatically enabled or included with thin clients. We painlessly resolve this problem. For example, drivers for IGEL thin clients are transmitted centrally via the UMS Management Console. The issue is immediately resolved without additional hardware installation efforts. We are happy to fulfil all requests for personalised adaptations. 


  • Dictation and Writing in a Citrix XenAPP or Windows Terminal Session (WTS)
  • Thin client support for Igel and Stratodesk
  • Igel, Stratodesk, Open Thin Client for Citrix Xenapp and WTS
  • Support for USB devices under Citrix and Remote Desktop
  • Internet Explorer as the user interface
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Solution for Citrix and Remote Desktop