Devacon has developed the ProDictate Online app, an improved automatic speech recognition program that allows input directly at the cursor. At the same time, the app is easy to operate on the desktop. Here, you place the cursor in the text field in which the spoken sentence is to be written down. Various word processing programs, from Linux-based systems to Microsoft software, can be coupled with ProDictate. For example, you can combine the ProDictate Online App with speech recognition with the Windows Terminal Server. This is one of the standard platforms with which companies work today. You can use speech input via ProDictate Online with Microsoft Office, among others. Thus, you dictate your text at the cursor in Outlook or Word and will be surprised by the accuracy of the results. The improved backend and the enhanced AI achieve a very high recognition rate for automatic speech recognition.

Since ProDictate Online is anchored by the user with the desired text field, you can keep other programs like a PDF open in the foreground while dictating. At the same time, the reports are translated in the background by the speech recognition software and entered into the text field. When navigating between the text fields, you are very flexible using the function keys on the dictation machine or voice commands. These can be individually adjusted via the settings in the menu, so that you can further optimize your work process.

In everyday life and at work, you have only advantages with the modern dictation program ProDictate Online. You no longer have to laboriously type reports and letters on your own. Instead, the recognition rate is very high and even technical terms are quickly recognized. For example, there is professionalized speech recognition for medicine, law and other specialist areas. Especially in such fields, the software makes life easier for users. You will save a lot of time in the long run, which you can better and more efficiently spend on improving your actual tasks.

Get ProDictate Online now and try out the speech recognition software in the test. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities of the dictation program.