Mobile Produktivität und standortunabhängiges Arbeiten
Mobiler Workflow Lösung

eMODAT, our mobile workflow solution, is designed to address any possible workflow scenario and is, therefore, a solution that quickly connects independent mobile employees to their company’s local IT infrastructure. Each paper-based document that includes relevant company data can now be converted into an electronic form and distributed to the appropriate mobile devices. Moreover, users are able to easily draw upon existing databases across eMODAT mobile forms in order to provide real-time, mobile access to all necessary information. eMODAT’s online and offline functionalities also allow the solution to be used in areas where there is no GSM coverage.


  • User management with Active Directory
  • Database connection u. a. with Oracle, MS SQL or SAP
  • Barrier-free access to company data
  • Clients for smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Individual form creation
  • Versioning