Höchstqualität über Virtuellen Kanal

ProDictate, our digital dictation and speech recognition solution, was developed to be independent of the hardware used and of the built-in Citrix Sound Driver in order to work equally across fat clients (PCs), embedded thin clients, and Linux OSs. Thus, the ProDictate solution is used in Citrix environments with XenApp or XenDesktop and on Windows Terminal Server (WTS).

For real-time audio recording and playback, our VC solution allows high-quality, uninterrupted audio transmission and enables the buttons on your digital dictation microphone (connected at the terminal) to control terminal session software, which isn't possible otherwise. Our solution is customisable, easily implemented, and listed in the Citrix Marketplace as ‘Citrix Ready’.


  • Dictate and Write in a Citrix XenAPP or Windows Terminal Session (WTS)
  • Built-in voice recognition and text processing
  • Thin client and USB device support
  • Integrated in Igel, Stratodesk and Open Thin Client
  • Dictation and writing support for Citrix or Windows Terminal Sessions
  • Internet Explorer as the user interface
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Citrix Ready