Genaue, innovative und systemübergreifende Spracherkennungslösung

The natural conversations that result from the accuracy of our software solutions will lead to enhanced customer relations. Your clients will appreciate the ease of communication and improvement in their customer service experience. A good experience means that these people are more likely to remain a part of your self-service customer base. Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend companies from which they have received great service. Personal recommendations for good service can often lead to an increase in new clients for your business.

It is not just your interactions with your client base that benefit from our software recognition programme. Because our speech software is server based it is much easier to integrate into your general workflow and documentation processes.


  • Real-time voice recognition
  • Specialised medical/legal/general vocabularies
  • No required integration with other applications
  • Heightened speech recognition rate
  • Zero resource consumption
  • Voice recognition on the server
  • Minimal investment cost
  • Easy/rapid implementation