The prestigious trade fair, conhIT 2018, was a great success for Devacon. A marked increase in visitors to the exhibition expressed an interest in the developments on show at our stand. Companies in the health sector were especially focussed on our novel solutions for digital dictation. Attendees at the fair attached more importance to the advantages of digital speech recognition solutions than might have been the case a few years ago. Many senior hospital administrators saw the benefits of such technology to allow clinicians to work more quickly and efficiently, for example. A recognition that speech-to-text solutions should not only be used for the creation of reports, but also for general correspondence was apparent. For instance, digital solutions for record keeping were seen by many as beneficial. In addition, a system like ProDictate Online could also enable things like a discharge letter to be given to a patient in a more timely manner.

A second noticeable reaction at the fair was due to the interest shown in form digitisation. Here, it became apparent that healthcare providers attach great importance to solutions that allow medical operations to continue even if the systems fail. So, patient surveys are often still created on paper in case of an IT failing. Nevertheless, this approach creates a huge administrative workload. At conhIT, IT professionals from healthcare companies were amazed that a universal solution such as eMODAT can simplify and accelerate the collation of such forms in a highly reliable manner. Using it, hospitals could quickly identify any patient problems and improve their services accordingly. An investment in this solution would, therefore, pay for itself rapidly.

The expo also afforded Devacon the chance to speak at the fair to visitors about experiences of the Saudi Arabian market during some lively presentations. We'd like to thank the great exhibition team and to all of our visitors. We look forward to the next conhIT, but don't hesitate to contact us before then if you have further questions. 

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Image: ©Sera Z. Kurc / BILDKRAFTWERK, 2018