As the right level of data encryption is a significant aspect of data security for all businesses, then this ought also to be seen in the digital dictation software area. The most up to date version of the digital dictation software, ProDictate 2.0 now also supports the Digital Speech Standard Pro (DS2) format Grundig. The central provision of the security key is the newest feature. Because the keys don't have to be given to the individual user, this pleases the IT department - the centralisation of the Pro Dictate 2 key, makes the process, quicker, safer and easier.

The DS2 Key is centrally provided for the ProDictate 2, which means users can begin dictating and transcribing straight away before any software distribution or configuration is needed. This means that for digital dictation no audio codes need to be expanded or installed, as they're centrally managed and issued to users through Internet Explorer. Digital dictations using DS encryption are easily transmitted via the Internet Explorer and if needs be can be supplemented and directed during dictation with additional information. Because the transcription of files takes place in DS2 format this meets the requirements for data security at work.