The new Citrix Receiver client, alongside the useful features of the ProDictate Virtual Channel (which enables the use of dictation devices), now makes access to XenDesktop and XenApp installations not only possible, but also easy. Indeed, the new Citrix Receiver now empowers users to connect to a Terminal Server (WTS or XenApp) via any device, thin client, or PC with a safe and easy-to-access connection. Moreover, with the aim of making dictation as simple and enjoyable a process as possible, Dictaphone and foot pedal functionalities are also available in user sessions. An additional audio channel provides extremely high-quality audio for integration of the ProDictate speech recognition software.

If the ProDictate speech recognition software abruptly loses its WTS or XenApp connection while users dictate, the supplementary virtual channel functions as an alert to the user in order to ensure the protection and full functionality of their data. Without this extra layer of protection, a hardware issue would be harder to detect and users would typically continue dictating without their data being fully recorded. The virtual channel function is highly reactive to issues or failures and uses audio/visual feedback to instantly inform the user, who can then send a correct error description to the IT department.