Invited by the Federal Ministry of Economics, representatives from Devacon GmbH travelled to Israel in February to add its expertise to a number of fruitful discussions around the fast-moving topic of e-health. During sessions that were held at various locations in the country, the secure dictation services company provided information on its text-to-speech systems to businesses like Clalit and Makkabi, both large insurance companies in Israel. Representatives also met officials from the health ministry and took part in a lively exchange of ideas with some start-up technology firms.

The trip was a fruitful one. For example, speaking to Ms Hadas Lewy, the Director of Innovation and Business Development at Clalit Health Services, it became obvious that digital health record take up in the country is high. However, most records are still made and retrieved by keyboard. Here, it was found that a digital voice recognition solution would make record keeping more efficient for health professionals. Clalit Health Services showed interest and a pilot project to test our solution was agreed.

When representatives of Devacon GmbH attended the Hadassah Medical Centre, increasing digitisation in all aspects of healthcare was discussed. The firm was able to obtain deeper insights into the Israeli healthcare market, in particular on its use of secure technologies. It became obvious that solutions like the eMODAT mobile workflow system would be a superb one for practitioners making on-site visits to patients and could cover a wide range of medical documents.

In talks with some of the many Israeli start-up technology firms, it turned out that big data had already become an integral part of the IT needs for helping to deliver a modern healthcare system. Collecting and analysing large amounts of data is seen in the country as a key way that doctors can be more informed about their patients' needs, helping with both diagnoses and treatments. Overall, the trip was seen as a very fruitful one which afforded many valuable insights and opportunities.

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