A number of new features have been added to the existing ProDictate Mobile dictation solution recently. Employers that rely on mobile dictation services, such as medical centres and insurance companies, but which also need to consider their data protection responsibilities carefully will find the updated version particularly effective. IT professionals now have greater control to make settings on each client's device without needing to do so individually. Settings that used to be changed directly on a smart device can now be configured centrally. This has been made possible by implementing a state-of-the-art MDM system. So, for instance, if you wanted to alter the username or password settings, then this is possible along with a number of other input fields.

Importantly, new users will automatically obtain the same rights and restrictions on their mobile device as existing ones, thanks to the MDM system. After opening an instance of ProDictate Mobile on a particular phone or tablet, the app now updates according to the centrally chosen settings. Crucially, these are applied immediately even if the user had already been using the app with outdated settings. Of course, this does not impact on their ability to start dictating as soon as they like. It is just that the new configuration auto-updates without the need for IT staff to recall devices to make alterations.

The use of MDM means that changes down the line can be implemented smoothly. Updates to policies concerning confidential data need not cause a great deal of work, for instance, because the relevant security standards of the IT department can be changed at will. As an example, text from dictations can be chosen to be delivered by a variety of means, such as DropBox, email or HTTP, depending on your preferences. This is even the case when services like MobileIron and BlackBerry Dynamics are being used. ProDictate Mobile a number of enhanced security standards that mean even the most cautious of businesses when it comes to data security are fully catered for.

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