The application either freezes or the error message is shown


As the connection to the audio device is lost the assumption is, that Intel chip set drivers or USB controller drivers used by Microsoft Windows 7 cause this failure, as the audio device works again only when drivers are reinstalled through unplugging and reconnecting the device to the USB port.


1. Plug in a PCI or PCI-e USB add-on card and use its USB ports for the audio device
2. Since the issue only occurs when the CPU is idle and its frequency drops below 1 GHz, hindering the CPU to drop below 1 GHz is therefore a possible workaround. This can be done by:
    a. Disabling power saving features in BIOS, like Intel Speed Step Technology (aka. Runtime Power Management), or
    b. Switching Windows' power plan to High performance (Control Panel / Power Options), or
    c. Changing the minimum processor state of the current power plan to 50% (Control Panel / Power Options / Change plan settings / Change advanced power settings)