Can I install ProDictate Mobile manually on Android?

If ProDictate Mobile can not be installed through OTA or Google PlayStore, follow the installation instructions below.

  • Click on "Google Play" from the main menu
  • Sign in to the Market with your Goolge account
  • Install AppsInstaller or from or Linda Manager
  • Connect your Android device with a USB cable to your PC
  • Choose mass storage connection to release the SD card as a drive
  • Copy ProMobile "ProDictate Mobile.apk" to the main directory of the SD card
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the phone
  • In the main menu, click AppsInstaller
  • Select ProDictate Mobile in the AppsInstaller window
  • Click "Install"
  • After successful installation, click "Done"
  • Quit AppsInstaller and start ProDictate Mobile from the main menu


Where can I download ProDictate Mobile?

ProDictate Mobile is available in the following App stores:

Apple App Store:

Google Play:



There are no downloads available for your hardware type

If you have a problem to install ProDictate Mobuile for your device please contact our support team.

Which audio format is supported by ProDictate Mobile?

ProDictate Mobile supports SPEEX AudioCodec, which is specially designed for the space-saving storage of audio data.

Compared to other compression methods such as MP3, the spoken text has much better compression rates, which can still be used for speech recognition.


How to play ProDictate Mobile audio files on my Desktop?

A SPEEX codec is required for playback of the audio files.

The SPEEX Codec can be downloaded free of charge.

After the installation of the SPEEX codec, the audio file can be played with a playback software.

The audio files can be played with our ProPlayer software. With this application, you can play a digital dictation created with ProDictate Mobile quickly and efficiently.


Which transfer methods does ProDictate Mobile support?

ProDictate Mobile currently supports two transfer methods.

  • E.Mail
    Dictates are transmitted by e-mail to the recipient
    Dictations are transferred directly to the dictation system via a web service.
Can you transfer information with the ProDictate Mobile dictation?

With the ProDictate Mobile 6 E-fields for dictation information are available.
The e-fields are configured in the settings and can be filled out at the start of each dictation.

Can I use ProDictate Mobile with Good Dynamics?

ProDictate Mobile has been integrated into Good Dynamics and will be available soon in the Good App Store.

Which ProDictate Mobile versions are available?

The following ProDictate Mobile versions are available, which differ in their functional scope:

  • ProDictate Mobile Free
  • ProDictate Mobile Light
  • ProDictate Mobile Advanced
  • ProDictate Mobile Advanced plus
  • ProDictate Mobile Enterprise

Further information about the versions can be found here:

Can I play ProDictate Mobile with other playback software?

ProDictate Mobile dictations are created with SPEEX audio codec and can be played by all desktop applications that support this codec.

The audio codec can be installed free of charge.

You can download the SPEEX code here:

How can I view the tutorials on my smartphone?

Click on one of these links:

Tutorial on your smartphone:

ProMobile Start Tutorial

Tutorial on your smartphone:

ProMobile Licenseactivation Tutorial

Tutorial on your smartphone:

ProMobile Direct TCP settings tutorial

Tutorial on your smartphone:

ProMobile Permission Settings Tutorial


Can I configure an e-field as a drop-down?

In the ProDictate Mobile settings the following e-field types are available:

  • Text
    In the "Text" type, the user fills the field before he start to dictate. The input format can be checked automatically numerically, alphanumerically, date and time format.
  • Dropdown
    With the type "dropdown" values can be stored at the settings menu. After the user starts to dictate the stored values can be selected in the drop-down box.


Can you select another file format in ProDictate Mobile?

With the integrated web service you can get the created dictation in the desired audio format.

The desired audio format can be configured in the settings menu.


How do I activate my ProDictate Mobile license?

Enter the license at the ProDictate Mobile settings under license and activate it. You need an Internet connection for the license activation, otherwise the license can not be activated.


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