What variables can I use in the email template?

The following variables can be used in the e-mail template:

${FORM_NAME} - Insert form name into message
${USER_NAME} - Insert user name into message
${USER_DISPLAY_NAME} - Insert first and last name ofe the user into message
${USER_EMAIL} - Insert user email into message
${REPORT_TIME} - Insert report creation into message

Which driver do we need for the connection to an MS SQL Server?

To connect eMODAT to an MS SQL Server you need the JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server.

Enter the driver in the field "JDBC driver".


Can I change the password?

Log in first to the web console and change the password first, then change it in the app.


Can the language be changed on the client?

The language in the eMODAT client is determined centrally. The user has the option to change the language locally on the client.

The language settings have been changed and still the old language is displayed

The language selection for the form is configured under the user preference in the web client. After changing the language, the form must be published so that the changes can be applied to the smartphone client.

After the resynchronization on the client, the forms appear in the configured language.


Does eMODAT supports Mobileiron ?

eMODAT software from version 3.0.0 supports the MobileIron MDM solution.

More Informationen you can find at MobileIron Marketplace:

Why does the synchronization time on the client take a long time?

The synchronization of the forms includes the transfer of the forms and the DB data to the client.

Depending on the network connection and the size of the DB data, the transmission may vary. In this case, contact the administrator.

Does eMODAT support BlackBerry Dynamics?

eMODAT software, which allows users to manage and manage workflows, has been enhanced with BlackBerry Dynamics security tool.

Can eMODAT import data from a company database?

In eMODAT it is possible to retrieve external data from a database.

In the Lookup dialog box, you specify the server and database to connect to and from which you want to import data using a native database query.

Is jump logic supported?

Predefined jump logic and plausibility are checked during input are supported.