Supporting photo integration in ProDictate Mobile 05/20/2017

ProDictate Mobile, our mobile dictation solution, has been updated with a new function designed to enhance the user experience. As users dictate, they can now include pictures. For example, as users dictate their expert opinions or their building inspections, they are able to supplement their documentation with photos. This feature requires no additional installation and is an effortless way to include visuals in documentation.

Up to now, the combination of these two files has had to be done manually from separate sources. Due to heavy workloads and documentation processes happening in rapid sequences, there was also the risk of not being able to succinctly link text and image material post-dictation. With this new integration in the speech recognition solution, users now have a more reliable, more efficient, and more effective way to create reports and to always have the appropriate classification. The requirement of image sorting is now gone.

Users can anchor their captured photos at predefined positions in their dictations and these are correctly assigned during the writing force’s subsequent editing and/or document creation processes. As normal, dictations are transferred to the voice recognition server and returned to the user as finalized documents that include their on-site photos. In this way, the completed reports are made immediately available to the mobile user.

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