Devacon GmbH’s VC solution has integrated into Stratodesk's latest firmware update! Dictation devices and foot switches can now be directly controlled using the Stratodesk operating system in a Citrix XenApp solution. Additionally, audio files are recorded and played back with higher quality audio than in previous iterations.

This integration can be activated by selecting the ProDictate dictation system driver from Stratodesk’s settings, after which users can immediately start dictating in their Citrix XenApp session. Typists at the correction workstation in a XenApp session can play, pause, and control the dictation at their convenience with the foot switch and headphones.

Trial tests of Devacon’s integrated VC solution with XenApp 7.12 were successful in all areas: Audio transmission is smooth and high quality and the software is fast and reliable. With minimal integration effort, the solution can be configured as a Desktop or Storefront connection and can be used immediately following driver selection in Stratodesk settings.