When you consider the amount of writing that is required in commerce these days, it is quite astonishing. Firstly, anyone who works in the private sector is likely to need to maintain notes on their interactions with clients as well as updating standard letters for particular forms of correspondence. In the public sector, where record keeping is often even more crucial to administrative job functions, employees can spend nearly all of their time in front of a screen engaged with the repetitive task of typing. Of course, in times gone by paper record keeping meant that a pool of typists, people who were specialists in their field, did much of the hard work for executives. This is no longer the case. These days, everyone is expected to type up their notes or add records on to a database themselves. Those without expert keyboard skills have often sought different approaches to help. Traditionally, these have had limitations, however.

One of the problems with bypassing typing is that it meant using speech recognition software that needed to be installed on every terminal on a network, a hassle for the IT department. As demand for such dictation services has grown, a more flexible approach needed to be found. Today, the answer lies with an online solution which fulfils all of the requirements that server-based speech recognition system would whilst still complying with data protection regulations. Such an approach provides commercial enterprises and government departments with the flexibility they need without creating lots of work in terms of ongoing support from IT personnel.

Another key factor in using this sort of speech recognition system for administrative functions is that it is reliable whichever operating system the business concerned happens to use. Compatibility with Windows, Igel, Stratodesk or Open Thin Client, as examples, is now the norm. Such systems mean being able to provide administrative staff with a valuable tool that will improve their efficiency but one that requires no investment in terms of new IT hardware. Find out more by contacting ProDictate Online.