The innovative eMODAT mobile form solution makes it even easier to create your own forms and to deploy them to mobile smart devices. The latest version for iPads and Android tablets has been completely redesigned to now offer users an updated design and a clearer, more intuitive, interface. By designing your own digitised forms, you can eliminate lengthy paper-based processes, streamline workflows and save money. Thanks to the system's offline functionality, mobile forms are always available and can be used anywhere. 

Mobile digital business forms can be generated within a very short time spans and supplemented with information from your own database if needed. Dynamic forms, checklists and user profiles are managed centrally which simplifies everything. In addition, any incorrect entries that might come about can be eliminated by the user locally. 

Among the many uses for a digital form solution would be in a customer service environment where a digitised work process is called for. As an example, a field representative could quickly complete a home inspection or fill out a service report checklist and send it directly to headquarters using a form from their smart device. Upon receipt of the form, a PDF report will be automatically prepared which is then sent back to the employee concerned as well as the customer. No additional processing, typing up or data inputs are required. Where appropriate, photos can be added to forms as additional documentation. 

Full customisation of this software can be made to meet your company's exact needs. This is achieved through optional modules that allow you to extend the software in ways that suit you. The adaptable forms offered will help you to make your business processes more efficient because so much more can be done in the field. If you need any convincing that this business solution is for you, then simply send us a form without any obligation to proceed. We will digitise it for you and sent it back so you can test it out thoroughly. If you would like to take advantage of this offer or have any queries about how digital form solutions can help your organisation to succeed, then do not hesitate to contact us.