Ideal for dictating on the go, ProDictate Mobile is now available on the BlackBerry Dynamics Marketplace. For any software to be listed here, it has to undergo a rigorous certification process. Not only does this ensure a high level of functionality but it also makes sure that the app in question is fully secure. ProDictate Mobile has passed these strenuous tests, for example by being scanned by Veracode. Further functionality tests were conducted and reviewed by BlackBerry's own security professionals. Organisations which utilise BlackBerry Dynamics and which have sought a secure dictation solution can now turn to one in the form of ProDictate Mobile.

Where data security plays an important part of a business, ProDictate Mobile can now be obtained directly from the BlackBerry Marketplace with complete assurance. Users are able to dictate notes or emails and send them securely from their smartphone wherever they are. Alternatively, dictated text can be transmitted with the Backend ProDictate dictation system via http and https protocols. Either way, a secure and reliable system is in operation preventing unwarranted access to data.

One of the highlights of the BlackBerry Dynamics app that IT professionals should take note of is the ability to manage configuration settings centrally via BlackBerry's Unified Endpoint Management service. Just alter your preferred security settings and these are automatically updated to any devices using ProDictate Mobile within your organisation. This centrally managed approach saves time and effort when new security requirements come into play.

A user friendly service, ProDictate Mobile continues to lead the way for smartphones in terms of voice-to-text solutions. For instance, users can start dictating immediately when they open the app. There is also the ability to add photos into a dictation using ProDictate Mobile, something which can be done directly. This is ideal for surveyors or medical practitioners, for example, who might like to include images alongside their dictated text.

If you have an enquiry about ProDictate Mobile and BlackBerry Marketplace, then please do not hesitate to contact us.