Ideal for workers who are in the field and potentially out of range of a good enough signal to send data back and forth, eMODAT's latest features allow you to continue to make notes and changes without needing to worry. After all, your ability to work should never be hampered by circumstances outside of your control, like whether a sufficiently good internet connection is available. These days, mobile connections, like G3 and G4, are widely used by many industries but connectivity problems can lead to field staff finding it hard to use their devices. Fully updated to support the latest HTML5 technology, eMODAT can now provide both online and offline functionality.

To explain how this helps staff members in the field, the software now allows users to begin forms on their device even when no internet connection is available. It is even possible to update records on a database without a 'live' connection. This means that capturing data in the field or filling out forms with customers can be carried out without restriction or preventing clashes when the information is subsequently uploaded. Technically, this is achievable because the local storage of the smart device being used is utilised temporarily. Synchronisation with the user's server comes about as soon as a secure connection becomes available.

Bear in mind that good internet connections are not available everywhere and at all times. For example, many rural areas often provide little by way of mobile data coverage. At conferences and industry expos, there is often an overload on the local network causing coverage to be patchy at best. Even in some offices, mobile reception might be blocked by the layout of certain rooms. These issues should not get in the way of business, which is why the latest updates to eMODAT have been developed.

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