Through the ProDictate Online solution, users are able to directly dictate their voice into any text window—with no integration required. Using a Windows Terminal Server or a Citrix session, the updated PO Client can be run on a PC and it includes multiple new functions.

The status bar now alerts users to a change in their connection or software status via color changes, making speech recognition even more effective. The info bar includes additional symbols that enable desired functions to be carried out even faster.

Anchoring with Microsoft Word is one of the introduced functions. ProDictate Online now directly links to Word with the press of a symbol. Users can simultaneously dictate with voice recognition while working on other applications as well. Their spoken text is recorded and transcribed in the background Word document, which does not need to be kept permanently open to function.

Moreover, Microsoft Word allows the addition of unknown words directly into the dictation solution. The user’s profile is rapidly updated with this vocabulary. In their subsequent sessions, users can dictate these words and they will be immediately recognized by the system.